Easter Eggs in Basket

Easter Activities!

We cannot believe it is that time of year again… Easter! A time for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus (and let’s be honest, eating copious amounts of chocolate). Since we are still set to have restrictions in place during this time, we thought that we would put together some ideas for arts, crafts, baking and activities with your little ones over the easter break.

There are so many cheap and easy recipes for yummy treats that you can do at home with your children. A personal favourite of ours are chocolate nests (BBC good food recipe). They are the perfect Easter treat, simple enough for little ones to get involved and they just need three ingredients! Another go to recipe are these easy bunny shaped cookies. Kids absolutely love making the icing and decorating these delightful little biscuits as an easter themed treat.

Let’s not forget the reason we celebrate Easter in the first place. It’s very easy for our little ones to be distracted by chocolate, cute bunnies and fluffy chicks. We have downloaded the easter story resource from twinkl, so you can download and read/show to your children. This is definitely aimed at 3 or 4 year olds plus, but there is some great imagery in there to help you describe your own version of the story if you wish.

Have you tried making an easter bonnet yet? These are so much fun for your little ones to help decorate and make, and they can wear them as they are doing an easter egg hunt! Our pre schoolers are making them as we speak for a competition to win a small prize. There are loads of cheap and easy ways to make easter bonnets.. you can see some great ideas on how to make them here.

Easter egg hunts are so much fun but can be a quite expensive if you’re using chocolate the whole time. You can always ask your children to create and colour in their own eggs that you hide around your garden and once your little ones have collected, they get one chocolate or prize at the end. You could also buy some wooden or plastic eggs that you can re use every year for easter egg hunts to be extra cost effective!

Here are some of the easter events/activities taking place this year in Hertfordshire:
ChristChurch Redbourn
Harpenden Piggottshill Lane
Ashridge Estate
High Beeches

We hope that everyone has a lovely Easter break and we would love to see what you all get up too!

From the Little Nightingales Team X

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