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1. Kitchen

We have an airy open-plan kitchen which has been cleverly brought into the twenty-first century, whilst still retaining much of the earlier hand-made, solid wood and stainless steel. Here our children are given the opportunity to learn about and observe daily preparation of fresh food and tasty, healthy, homecooking, all taught by an important member of our team – our resident chef. Meals are enjoyed in the dining area, which is located at the end of our kitchen. There is a completely separate milk kitchen situated in the baby room. We also have a dedicated laundry room.

2. Baby Unit – ‘The Nest’

We’re proud to launch our unique brand new, unit provides spacious, safe, soft and stimulating surroundings for babies from three months old. There is an additional, sectioned-off, sensory area full of cushions and gently twinkling lights for them to enjoy. The Baby Unit is overflowing with a variety of playing and learning activities and experiences. We like to keep all the equipment out, so the children have the widest choice of things to explore. Our staff to baby ratio is one adult to three babies with no more than six babies in the room at one time.

3.Toddler Room – ‘Woodpeckers’

Located at the heart of the nursery, this is where children are encouraged to make individual choices of play which are carefully supervised and combined with the EYFS curriculum. Ratio here is one adult to four toddlers.

4. Pre-school – ‘Nightingales’

The pre-school for our older pupils is situated upstairs and consists of three large rooms both of which provide a wide range of activities including sensory play (sand, water, dough, jelly, corn-flour, dried pulses and pasta, the messier the better). We also have a spacious acting area where the children are given the chance to express themselves by throwing themselves (often literally) into enthusiastic roleplay. The emphasis in our pre-school is on teaching early life skills that children need to succeed at school, including reading, writing and numeracy. We provide a rich and varied programme of activities, including fortnightly French lessons taught by fully trained instructors. The preschool room is divided into “learning areas”, each equipped with resources that focus on a particular area of learning. These include emergent writing, mathematics, reading, information technology, media, role play, construction and many others. Our aim is to help the children in our care to approach a major change in their lives – starting ‘BIG’ school – we want them to be able to do this with confidence, skills and enthusiasm for
learning that will give them a valuable head start in life. Our ratio here is one to eight.

5. Garden

Little Nightingales has its own securely enclosed garden, offering safe play areas and decking. There is a choice of activities including water and sand play and a wide range of toys to push, pull or climb on. We have a musical sensory section and are very proud of our seasonal growing patch. What was previously the back garden of the house is now our parking area from which there’s a convenient path leading directly to the nursery front entrance. This doubles up as a secure play area for the preschoolers