Our Philosophy

Just to give you a brief idea of the way we think and how we run our nursery:

  • We provide a warm and welcoming, home-from-home, caring environment where all our babies feel happy, secure and relaxed while our older children can’t wait to come in each day.
  • We recognise, respect and enjoy the individual personalities of all our children from the youngest to the eldest and believe in giving them the space they need to develop and grow.
  • Our aim is to help each child learn to be strong and confident within a secure and social setting.
  • We work with the speech and vocabulary development so vital for future learning and are delighted to welcome all children from lookers and communicators to talkers and performers.
  • Our carefully selected and caring staff play a vital role in encouraging every child’s individuality. We believe we can never spend too much time listening to them, valuing their thoughts and feelings and helping them learn to value those of their classmates.
  • We’re very firm on good habits of hygiene and health and on teaching respect and consideration towards others.
  • We actively encourage you as parents to include us in any issues that may be affecting your child.